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Silk was health function
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Advantages: strong comfort, suction, put wet and sound-absorbing, vacuum cleaning is very good.

Silk is composed of protein fibers, the texture is soft and smooth, delicate touch, compared with other fabrics, the skin friction coefficient of only 7.4%, so when the human skin contact with silk products, tend to produce a supple, detailed elegant sense .
Silk pajamas have a natural moisture absorption, moisture release, which is also unmatched by other artificial fibers. Silk because of its porosity, can absorb the gas gap, silk can absorb moisture in the air or emit moisture, so that it can damp in humid environments, in a dry environment can release moisture. Therefore, in addition to its own ability to adapt, but also to help people's skin or other silk products to maintain a certain amount of moisture; if the summer wearing silk clothing, but also the rapid distribution of sweat and heat, breathability is very strong, people feel cool .
Silk has more unique health care functions. Silk fibers contain 18 kinds of amino acids that are necessary for the human body, which is similar to the amino acids contained in human skin. Therefore, there are another "second skin" of human beings. At the same time, tryptophan in silk protein, tyrosine can absorb UV rays, prevent ultraviolet radiation, enhance skin cell vitality, promote skin cell metabolism, for some skin diseases have a good adjuvant therapy. This kind of artificial silk, which can not be achieved by the unparalleled natural functions, has also established the precious value and irreplaceable status of silk products.

Disadvantages: As the silk fiber thermal denaturation, more heat-resistant, the combustion temperature of 300 ~ 400 ℃, is a flame retardant fiber, plays a high flame retardant effect, so choose silk as raw material for home decoration is the best choice.

Mulberry silk, commonly known as silk, is called the "Queen of fibers" and is a rare and precious treasure bestowed upon mankind by nature. It has a history of thousands of years in our country. Because silk has an excellent skin-friendly, in case of fire is not easy to burn people's skin and other characteristics, some people will be praising the silk as human "second skin"!

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