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Is it really carcinogenic?
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Tussah silk, the tussah spit silk as raw material system made of filaments, also known as wild silk, tussah silk is one of our unique natural textile raw materials. Tussah mainly in the wild oak forest in the north, with oak leaves for food. Tussah silk has a natural tan, the color of the material quilt usually can not be accepted by consumers, so in the actual production process, the tussah silk is often used to fade white base treatment, but the actual chemical residue is very low, to people No harm.
Compared with mulberry silk, tussah silk rigid, rough feel, the length is shorter. Price, due to silkworms need artificial stocking, accounting for human and more, and more use of silk yarn and clothing in the South, the higher the price. Tussah wild, and the main origin in the north, the northern textile industry is underdeveloped, so the usage is small, the price is relatively low.

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